Sean Stecko
Ba.Fu.Sci.Hu.Nut.  Ba.N&D

Principal Dietitian


I am one of few people in the State of New South Wales with a Double Degree in Nutrition. I provide a highly unique skill set through the knowledge and skills I have attained through my academic years at University and through a lifelong passion in the field of Nutrition and Healthy Living.


I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with the Dietetics Association of Australia and a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) with the Nutrition Society of Australia - both leading nutrition representative bodies in Australia.  I have completed a Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition (Ba.Fu.Sci.Hu.Nut) double major and a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Ba.N&D). 


I am an Optifast Health Professional and I meet ongoing professional development in the field of weight loss and lifestyle change. With the majority of the Australian population overweight or obese it is important to know you can depend on my expertise and advice. There are endless weight loss modalities bombarding society, knowing the truth can be confusing. I am a source of knowledge you can trust.


I am also currently the only Microba Health Professional on the Central Coast NSW. The Microbiome is the new frontier of health with enormous research being conducted worldwide. My knowledge in the field of The Microbiome is at the coal face of this exciting and advancing technology. I can provide clear concise guidance and advice to modify your body into a highly efficient nutrient producing organism. The Microbiome affects all of us so utilising this inner ecosystem is the key to optimal health. 


My knowledge and understanding in the field of Nutrition is exceptional. I have a strong interest in helping people live a better life and I can help you be the best version of yourself. I take pride in my ability at breaking down the hard science into understandable, digestible English. 


When our car breaks down we visit a mechanic when our roof caves in we call a roofer, so it is best to speak to a highly trained professional when it comes to fixing your body, someone with years of science and advanced nutritional biochemistry understanding. Let me educate you, dispel the myths surrounding nutrition and put you on the right track to where you want to be.



I can assist in the symptom management of a vast array of diseases and disorders and help empower you through knowledge to take control of your life. I aim to provide the best of care to meet your nutritional needs and requirements, manage everyday life in a productive manner and minimise existing symptoms by utilising the latest science and understanding of best practice methods.  








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