Microba Health Professional Services

Microba is an innovative exciting company that provides a comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome. Microba launched their services in June 2018 and Sean Stecko Dietitian Consultancy was the first on the Central Coast to offer this service. The service is the first of its kind and the most advanced genome sequencing system available in the world today. Utilising the technology of shotgun metagenomics in their test kits, Microba will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of every bacteria, fungi and protist in your gut and the products they produce, which can be either detrimental or beneficial to your health. The Microba test kit analysis will detect the metabolites (products) your microbiome produce and their functional potential within your body.


This can be of significant importance because many disease states can be influenced by the type of bacteria in the gut and the metabolites they produce, which can be good and bad. Altering your gut microbiome can influence and improve your health outcome and may assist in the management existing symptoms. The microbiome influences many of the organs in the body with the metabolite products produced such as:

  • Several Neurotransmitters produced can influence Mental Health and other agents linked to Parkinson's Disease

  • The pro-inflammatory Hexa Lipopolysaccharide (Hexa LPS) produced only by bacteria which triggers an immune response and a cascade of inflammation in the gut wall and throughout the body

  • The short chain fatty acid Acetate which can only be produced by gut bacteria influences blood glucose control

  • Indolepropionic Acid is a powerful antioxidant produced only by gut bacteria that assists in the prevention of heart disease

  • Butyrate is the most studied short chain fatty acid to date. It maintains gut wall integrity, protects against systemic inflammation and modulates the immune system


It must be stressed that the Microba Test Kit and results are not a diagnostic tool, however they can provide useful information as part of an overall clinical investigative procedure to determine the cause and possible management of a range of conditions and prevent poor health outcomes. For example, Irritable Bowel Disease is a debilitating condition, not much is known about its causality. Also Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be difficult to manage. Specific metabolites like butyrate and their concentration in your gut can be compared to a healthy population by the Microba Test Kit. All the bacteria and metabolites of relative abundance above 0.05% in your Microba Test Kit results will be compared to a healthy population. This provides an understanding of what maybe the cause of your symptoms or medical condition. 

Because the human diet is the most modifiable factor in the mature human microbiome, understanding the metabolites and products that are produced and the biochemical influence these products have on the human body can identify potential problems and offer solutions. Because the human diet is the most modifiable factor, we can consume specific fibres from specific plants that provide the nurturing environment for the cultivation of ideal bacteria. This is how the gut microbiome can be enhanced and utilised as a possible treatment for the management of symptoms and the prevention of disease. The current world wide investment in microbiome research by Universities and Institutions is over $10,000,000 each month. This field of study is growing at a phenomenal rate. The future is steering towards an optimal gut microbiome for better health.